Florencia Zampieri composing her dynamic world at the Tokyo International Art Fair


Florencia Zampieri (22nd March 1973) was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since she was a little girl she used to spend her time painting and drawing. She was inspired by all kind of art expressions, so, while she was studying at primary school she started dancing Classic and Contemporary Dance as a hobby. When she finished school she became a Dance teacher at only 17 years old.

Her passion and love to all artistic expressions, inspired her to study Architecture and then Image and Visual Merchandising. In 1998 she graduated from The Buenos Aires University of Architecture and Urbanism.

When she was 24 years old, she started as a University Design Professor and she introduced her self into Habitat Theory Investigation.

Florencia studied different art expression with few teachers that gave her a solid basement to continue her career. Abstract, collage, colours, acrylic, oils, pencils, papers, textures are her tools to compose her dynamic world.

This is a Q & A with Florencia Zampieri, exhibitor at the Tokyo International Art Fair 2018.

Q: How would you describe yourself? And your artwork?
A: My artwork reflects what I am, a Woman in Movement. 

Q: What drives you? 
A: The pleasure that gives the power of art creation, play with colours and textures.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration?
A: Images, photos, traveling…life experiences, moments, topics…

Q: Where do you see your art going in ten years?
A: Trascending new frontiers, in constantly movement. 

Q: I know my artwork is finished when?
A: When I feel satisfied

Q: Best exhibition ever participated in?
A: The Next One!

Q: Would love to exhibit my work in?
A: No limits