Artist interview with Joshua Bernard

Artist Name: UWA

Born: Jakarta, Indonesia

Live: Tokyo

Website url:

Instagram : @joshuauwabernard


UWA was born in Jakarta , Indonesia.

He was never dream to pursue or become a painter, it was his father that once told him when he was still 10 years old that in a dream his father see that he’s doing a painting.

Since a child UWA was obsessed about the nature of state of realities  and fail to find purpose or a decent answer to some human most fundamental questions.

UWA’s journey had led him to the metaphysical and beyond, he survived many near death experiences and had experienced other dimensions encounter.

UWA doesn’t considered himself an artist nor his work as an art rather associate his work as with his own personal term an Encrypted Magic.

UWA believes that human race have to evolve collectively and we all need to befriend with the infinity that we’ve forgot.

UWA see his work “Encrypted Magic” as a note between the source/ God/ Infinite and him.

He was guided through a voice often to direct which colors he should pick, how many lines, and occasionally to disrupt and change a piece of work he personally have considered done or beautiful.


Who would i like to buy my art?

Masayoshi Son , I would tell him that I will replace all of We Work’s building light installations with my encrypted magic and I’m convinced that the whole world will be more hyped in chasing the infinite and doing their own light works no matter what the form is.. because my works are simply much better looking and will inspired the whole world to embrace and advance the coming and the need for Singularity and all the other future yet to come.

Rather than a widespread various  casualty in the anomalies variations in post robot-human merge the whole world could shift it’s focus to what really matters and required for us civilization type 0 to evolve into the next.

This is of the utmost important and we do need all the resources that we have and currently we are doing far, far from enough.

What drives me?

The infinte.

I would like to quote from H.G Wells

Life begins perpetually. Gathered together at last under the leadership of man, the student-teacher of the universe... unified, disciplined, armed with the secret powers of the atom, and with knowledge as yet beyond dreaming, Life, forever dying to be born afresh, forever young and eager, will presently stand upon this earth as upon a footstool, and stretch out its realm amidst the stars.

Where do i get my inspiration?

It’s given. Sometimes even dictated by the voice- like i mentioned in the artist statement.

How do i deal with artist block?

If there are two thing that i know for certain that are constant is that 1. Change and 2. Artist block is not in the vocabulary of UWA. Haha

I mean i’ve had around 4,000 encrypted magic at my disposal right now ready to unleashed. During my time between 17-24


Where do i see my art is going in 10 years?

To the most respectable places, to the streets, replacing tons of advertisements that hurts the feeling of so many people and making everyone feel depressed, the world needs light and colors and a reminder of what’s really important.

I imagine my encrypted magic can fill not only conservative art representation places but also in more public places, but we are going to VR world and beyond, and that’s where i see more fitting and yeah...

I would like to see the encrypted magic are being associated with the movement of this forces of technological advancement and the companies that represent it.

I think there’s no limit to where it can touch.

Can you tell what you have going on right now?

I’m going to the Tokyo Intl Art Fair this upcoming june 7-8

Before I Die...

That’s the thing about all of this, i’m not planning to die and I don’t want to die, and people need to embrace the fact that death will be a thing of the past , in a form of way, and think deeper about now what we’re gonna do about it once we received immortality in a form- and that back to my statement regarding what’s really important being a human being and that there are no limits and we need to collectively focus on what’s really matter , to advanced as a species.

I know my artwork is finished when..

It’s finished

Best commissioned artwork ever done was?

The best is always yet to come

Which are your favorite artists?

I have the utmost respect and love for Yayoi Kusama.. there’s no word on this planet to define her vigor and it’s just Yayoi and her infinite thingy too, but we have to go double infinite this time.

And of course Inoko-san of TeamLab.. he invented what i would call , the right way of doing it, and i know it’s only just the beginning, i hope so.


Best exhibition ever participated in.

Late night Solo exhibition at The Gate 88 , Bali.


Greatest achievement so far..

Still being alive after seeing things which are not meant to be seen for everyone and experience things which border to the point of the most schizophrenic etc etc etc..

Thats why nowadays kids need to be tougher and focus more on the “light”.

がんばって ください!!

Would love to exhibit my work in...

The Catacombs of Paris.

It’s dark and perfect for my encrypted magic.