Artist interview with Anita Bjørbekk

Anita Bjørbekk

Born: Porsgrunn, Norway

Live: Skien, Norway

Facebook: AB Kreativ Kunst


The Norwegian artist Anita Bjørbekk loves colors and uses colors in many ways. Anita has made 45 colorcards, a fairytaile called Rainbows Daughter and written about the nine color-personalities. She also does lectures, webinars and online courses about how to use colors as tools for success.

She is a self-taught artist and has taken courses in the classes of well-known artists.

From 2014 to 2018 she had her own Gallery located in Skien, Norway. She has had many solo exhibitions and group participations in Europe, Afrika, Amerika and Asia

Who would you like to buy your art? A famous person? What would you tell him/her about your art so he would buy it.

Anita loves colors and she want you to be happy when you see her art. She want to spread happiness all over the world. That is why she want to sell her art to people who loves it and feel the happiness in their heart.

Several times she has had phone calls from buyers who tell her that they love her work and they feel happy when they see the painting. Anita is so happy when that happens because this is her great goal.


What drives you?

Anita loves to travel and to be in exhibitions. When she was selected in a juried exhibition in Norway in the start of her artist career she found out that she loves to be in exhibitions. She loves to see all the fantastic art, meet other artists and to have connected conversations with visitors.

What is your definition of art?

Anita`s definition of art is that colors are happiness. She see the colors as different personalities and have written her own personality system called the nine colorpersonalities. By using these colorpersonalities you can retrieve all the personalities talents, abilities and integrate them in you. Then you can meet all challenges in your life in the best way. You have all the tools inside you. Her experience after she got to know the colors is that by using colors you can get in harmony and balance.

Can you tell us what you have going on right now?

Right now Anita are in three solo exhibitions in galleries in Norway. The 20th of may she arranges and also participates in a special POP UP exhibition in her hometown Skien. Nineteen artists are participating in this creative exhibition. When she come home from Tokyo, she is going to Denmark to participate in a exhibition, from 27 to 30 june, located in a Museum in Sjællands Odde with two other artists.


Best exhibition ever participated in…?

Best exhibition ever participated in was RomArt in 2015. This was a fantastic exhibition in Rome, Italy. It was Anita`s first exhibition abroad. It was a new experience for her, and she felt she had reached her highest artistic potential within art. Here she met many other artists from all over the world. She made many friends and are still in contact with them.


Would love to exhibit my work in …

Her goal is to participate in exhibitions all over the world. Anita has now participated in Europe, Africa, America and Asia. She would love to exhibit her work also in Australia and South America. Anita has built network all over the world and she are planning to exhibit in those places with artist friends in near future.