Artist interview with Rima Chahine

Rima Chahine

Born: Canada

Lives: Dubai

Twitter: rimart35


Instagram: RimaChahine.Art


Rima Chahine is an intuitive abstract artist with a multicultural background with her Middle-Eastern roots and upbringing in Montreal, Canada. Her artistic journey began as an art collector and consultant that bloomed into her own authentic style of materializing feelings, and love for the universe on a canvas. She is a creative, artistic and sophisticated individual pursuing a simple yet deep and emotional connection to the world which is expressed in the artwork encompassing her passion, personal feelings, and experiences. Painting for her is an intimate endeavor with no fear of failure and no forced destination but a flow experience of thoughts, colors, and feelings that breathe soul into her finished piece.


Who would you like to buy your art? A famous person? What would you tell him/her about your art so he would buy it?

A famous art collector who deeply appreciates abstract impressionism art  . I would tell him that the art piece has chosen him way before the first encounter with it. In fact, all art pieces have deep meaning and a spiritual journey to go throw believing firmly in the symbolic value of each art piece and its healing powers and depth.


What drives you?

My two boys I am a single mom it is not easy for me but I strive to make them proud of me everyday.


What is your definition of art?

Art is a way to connect and pray with the universe , art is oness.

Where do you get your inspiration?

landscapes views , ocean feel, emotions from music , depth in love , But mostly pain and suffering


Can you tell us what you have going on right now?

For the last quarter of the year , I am preparing for  My solo exhibition that will start in November 20th 2019 and lasts for 1 month at Andakulova Gallery in DIFC, Dubai, UAE and for the art fair in La carrousel du Louvre , Paris, France in early October .

Which are your favorite artists?