Alexandra Mekhanik

Alexandra Mekhanik; "Unfinished phrase of my brush gives the opportunity to enlarge the viewers’ imagination."


Artist and Photographer Alexandra Mekhanik was born in Moscow in October ’78 in the 4th generation of architects and artists of her father’s family. Graduated as a Master of Technology and Interior Designer of Architectural spaces. Alexandra has been working as an interior designer and decorator for 15 years making public and private spaces in mainly in France, Russia, and Germany.

She describes her artwork as Monochrome. Minimalism. Elegance. Harmony.

"Unfinished phrase of my brush gives the opportunity to enlarge the viewers’ imagination. In general the message of my works is to Welcome to the Harmony of your Mind and Soul!"

How would you describe yourself? And your artwork?

Clearly readable minimalism and harmony in everything. Dignity is highly appreciated in my heart. About myself,.. open hearted, easygoing and understanding. My credo is “treat others as you want to be treated”.

My works are slightly unfinished to offer the space for the viewers’ imagination and fantasy.

As to photography, they are taken in a special way to show out the idea, to make the viewers appreciate even tiny details which we could hardly ever notice in our fast life. Color combinations are chosen to be so delicious to give a pleasure to the viewers looking at them longer and longer, discovering more interesting unusual details.: 

What is your definition of art?

Art has no rules. Endless quantity of different technics and mixed media of art now allows the artist’s heart speak genuinely to the viewers, becoming one of international language of peace and life philosophy. Art is a mission living deep inside while artist is collecting his inspiration until the explosion of  his feelings and emotions.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Night is the most inspiring time for me to create.

Talking about collecting the inspiring moments, I find them everywhere. And of course, I need to travel. Comparing cultural deference, learning all the time, looking, noticing beauty in unexpected places, in hardly visible details..

Where do you see your art going in ten years?

Ideally it’s going to become a multifunctional capsular atelier for different art media such as painting, drawings, sculpture, photography, installations, furniture design, homeware and home wear. As far as, anyway, all this connected with printing, it would be great to organize a publishing/typographical space there for making coffee table art books, fine art photography books, as well as coffee tables themselves, which I have patented recently. I also see my own gallery where I would be happy to gather the works of the most interesting artists from all over the world, to organize Art Exhibitions, Art Fairs, and Charity Galas for those who appreciate art of any kind and see the depth of the artworks as well as their message to the world.

Can you tell us what you have going on right now?

One of the most exciting project for me now is Four Elements on canvas. It’s a kind of challenge for me, because I’ve never worked in this style. But astrology has always been an attractive subject for me, as well as the knowledge about zodiac signs, different associations around it. The moon power gives me a lot of inspiration and motivation to dare. Hopefully It will grow into an extraordinary project in collaboration with a great Astro scientist.