Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock inspired art and twisted imagination by Damien Hirst at the third edition of the Tokyo International Art Fair


"It's amazing what you can do with an E in A-Level art, a twisted imagination and a chainsaw." Damien Hirst a successful and controversial artist, born in England. His works, which include dead animal displays and spin-art paintings, have sold for exceptionally high prices. The InVogue Art Gallery (London) will be exhibiting some famous 'Skull' pieces by the well-known artist, a true must-see at the third edition of the Tokyo International Art Fair 26-27 May 2017 at Hikarie Hall, Shibuya

Some other highlights of this year's TIAF 2017

Jackson Pollock inspired artist Ben Alan is a Parisian abstract artist expressionist currently living in Dubai. He has the ambition of painting the feeling of success and motivation. “All my paintings are a sum up of personal development books”. To access success and motivation by visuals of colourful and positive images.

Ben Alan

Ben Alan

Painter Anastasia Schipanova (Russia) style has evolved beyond the traditional framework of abstractionism, expressionism and symbolism. She describes her own style as ‘energo-abstractionism’.  Tokyo born artist Keiko Imaizumi (Canada) was selected as the official Photographer for the Japanese Royal Family’s visit to Canada in 2007. Her latest series focuses on using metallic prints, DiBond aluminum boards and plexi glass to share an original and unique perspective that cannot be captured or represented on a computer.

Sun Gallery New York will be representing the works of Mengdi Cheng - The artist explore and express her inner thoughts and feeling through colors, strikes and lines. Swedish artist Ewa Borin famous for her oil paintings to be her pièces de résistance. Ewa aims to convey positive energy and radiate confidence through her art. Something to come and see for yourself at the art fair.

The young Latin American Artist Natasha Estanga began painting at the short age of 7 years old. She became double winner of the Ibero-american Art Fair in Caracas (FIA) in 2007 and 2008. And has been awarded with the Ashta Art Academy prize in Moscow in 2011. Born in Chicago, Illinois, Olivia Kapoor has an associate's degree in art and was the 2009 National Award Winner of the American Red Cross art competition. Olivia prefers to call her paintings a representation of "Psychedelic Abstraction".

Keiko Imaizumi

Keiko Imaizumi

"Life is beautiful” is a phrase that clearly applies to street artist Thierry Guetta, aka Mr. Brainwash. In just a matter of years, he went from spray-painting alleyways to selling art installations worth thousands. He even collaborated with pop star Madonna.

These artists are among the more than 112 showing their work at this year’s fair, which takes place on May 26 and 27. The event aims to showcase both rookie and veteran artists, as well as create chances for networking and buying the art on display.

As the fair runs on two days, it will also be split into private and public viewings. First up is the private, which costs ¥1,500. That provides potential buyers with first pick of the art on offer and includes a serving of Champagne. The public viewing is free, but a lot of people are expected to show up: the inaugural Tokyo International Art Fair last year welcomed more than 10,000 guests.

Dates & Times:
Friday 26th May 2017 : 18.00pm - 21.00pm
Including Champagne Reception, Private View and first opportunity to buy art.

Saturday 27th May 2017 : 11.00am - 19.00pm
Live painting, Buy Art Show, Global Art Awards Ceremony (18.00pm) FREE ENTRY

Tickets: Available here

Venue: SHIBUYA HIKARIE  |  HIKARIE HALL 9F. 2-21-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan zip 150-8510

Website: www.tokyoartfair.com